So, many of you know that about a month ago, I adopted a puppy, and this is why I haven’t been around much lately. Puppy + laptop = near-catastrophe 🙂 The first time she saw my laptop, she was trying to figure out what was going on, and a bright idea crossed my mind- I should pull up a game of “Pong” online, wouldn’t it be funny to see her reaction? Well, she tried to catch the ball going back and forth on the screen, and it was adorable, but made it really difficult to get anything done, haha 🙂

As an apology for being gone so long, meet my puppy, Misha!



So, tomorrow is Palm Sunday, kicking off Holy Week. Throughout the week, we’ll take a look at each of the stages of Holy Week, and talk about the place that music has in services (or doesn’t have, in some services and traditions), some of the history behind the music, and how it can enhance our experience of Jesus’ journey throughout the week.


On a side note, I highly recommend this article, referred to me by one of my colleagues. It’s very thought-provoking, both for church musicians and for congregations, as we think about how music is integrated into the service, and the role of church musicians. Specifically, as a congregation member, what can you expect from your church’s music minister? And as a church musician, how do we balance being both a professional musician and a spiritual leader in the church?

My favorite comment on this article, from a fellow church musician: “I sure know that if I do my job as a church musician well, the music may minister. J.S. Bach’s wonderfully practical comments [describe this]: ” [Organ playing]…is nothing remarkable…, all one has to do is hit the right notes at the right time and the instrument plays itself;” and “It is God who makes the music, I only write the notes”. I like this thinking, which suggests that I am much more workman than artist. …When I’m doing my job right, something bigger than me may manifest itself. That ‘something bigger’ is what the work is about.”


Well, happy Palm Sunday, and you can expect some good stuff coming this week!