This sums up my feelings about yesterday’s Cantata performance:


3 thoughts on “This sums up my feelings about yesterday’s Cantata performance:

  1. You’re the one who’s awesome! It was amazing how much better it was than the Sunday below. My singing children said they enjoyed it. The only thing they said was, that they couldn’t hear the men well. Maybe because the men couldn’t see you as well, because they were too far back—–I don’t know. My saddest moment was that we didn’t end correctly or well. You want the last thing folks hear to be good.[?]

    But thank you much for believing that miracles might happen. We are so happy that you’re with our aging, but still loving to sing, group of folks.

    See you on Wednesday.


  2. The men were standing further back from the rest of the choir than we had rehearsed, because the chairs were not put back in the right place after the lighting of the advent candles, which I’m sure accounted for some of the issues hearing them. And you’re right, it’s nice when we end well… but we ended 6 of the 8 pieces really well, just not the last piece :/

    All in all, I can’t complain, I thought it was really great, and showcased all of the hard work we’ve been doing on it. And the bells were so great too! 🙂

  3. Kristen – Thanks so much for your dedication and leadership as you guide us in our praise of our Lord Jesus Christ! Sometimes I think we forget why we’re involved in worship with music. I enjoyed learning the cantata pieces, and even today I have trouble getting some of the phrases out of my head!
    I’ll see you Sunday! Helen

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