It’s official.

I’ve finally given notice at work, so I can share with everyone at last:

So… I’m going back to grad school this fall!! Which is pretty much now. I’m leaving Richmond in 2 weeks for Belmont University in Nashville, TN! Seriously excited, plus just the right amount of slightly freaking out 🙂

It started with this:

1Belmont Acceptance

Which means I’m moving here:


This is where I’ll be interning, it’s a HUGE Methodist church right in downtown Nashville by the college:

4Belmont UMC

And that church has this FABULOUS Moller that I’m going to play every chance I get… 🙂

5Belmont UMC Moller

I’ll also be working with this Methodist campus ministry:

6Belmont Wesley Foundation

And I’ll get to have lessons on and play the college’s Aeolian Skinner organ 🙂 Weee!

7Belmont Univ Aeolian Skinner   

Super excited. I’m looking forward to a whirlwind 2 years– I’m going to learn absolutely as much as I possibly can, do as much networking and gain as much experience in as many different things as I possibly can. And when I graduate, I’ll be looking for a church of my very own!



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