Civil religion: the union of church and state

There’s an interesting discussion that I saw today about the influence that a religious culture has on diminishing the power of the church. When the church is ever present within the secular society, when people then start to feel the need to pay it lip-service not out of reverence, but out of obligatory duty to something they think someone else believes in, that’s when the church begins to lose its importance to that society. It’s a matter of church becoming normalized by culture. Jesus called us to make the opposite happen– we need to be a part of a culture that is becoming radicalized by the church, by the far-from-normal commands to love and serve that Jesus gave us.

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander lived in Dublin, Ireland, in the mid-1800s. She taught children in Sunday School at her church, and one Sunday she was was working with a child, who happened to be her godson, and the young boy was struggling to understand the Apostle’s Creed and certain parts of the catechism that he had to memorize, like many of us did as young children in Sunday School.

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