Take my life, and let it be

[Hymn-writing] is praying… for I never seem to write even a verse by myself, and [I] feel like a little child writing: you know a child would look up at every sentence and say, ‘And what shall I say next.’

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How firm a foundation is God’s excellent Word!

Some of the best hymns and songs in our Christian tradition are taken straight out of scripture. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious, but other times it’s a hymn we have sung for years, decades even, and suddenly discover that it’s actually a near-exact paraphrase of an entire passage of scripture. One of the most encouraging signs for the band-led worship style has been the increase over the past decade of scripturally-based texts. Pairing easy-to-sing melodies with the theology of God’s Word will enrich the tradition of band-led worship and encourage spiritual growth and maturity in the church– while teaching that it matters what we sing in worship!– in the same way that traditional hymns have done for years.

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How Can We Name a Love

I talk a lot about historic hymns on this blog, but there are many beautiful, poetic, inspiring, and theological hymns still being written today by brilliant hymnwriters across the world that address the cultural issues of today’s church with a relevancy that is sometimes lost with the older texts.

How Can We Name a Love, UMH #111, was written in 1973 by Brian Wren, Emeritus Professor of Worship, Columbia Theological Seminary, writer, preacher, worship and workshop leader, and internationally published hymn-poet.

How can we name a Love
that wakens heart and mind,
indwelling all we know
or think or do
or seek or find?
Within our daily world,
in every human face,
Love’s echoes sound
and God is found,
hid in the commonplace.

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