5 lessons my dog taught me about being a music director

My dog has added so much joy, adventure, and love in my life, along with not a little bit of exasperation 🙂 but it’s always worth it. As I write, she’s currently snuggled up next to my legs, and it couldn’t be cozier. Of course, she would be on my lap if I let her, and then I wouldn’t get anything done…

dog on lap
“Oh, am I in the way?” #sorrynotsorry

Born on Epiphany 2012, Misha will be turning 4 years old in just a few months. I have learned so much from her in these past years, quite a bit of which stems from when she and I were training in agility in Richmond. I’m finding that these lessons apply extraordinarily well to my vocation and avocation as a pastoral musician.

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