About the organist


I began this blog because I enjoy exploring how music serves worship, and the theological foundations of music’s role in the liturgy of the church– why we do what we do.

I’ve worked in the church as a music director, choir director, handbell director, organist, and/or accompanist for the past 18 years, primarily in the United Methodist Church. In 2011, I was called to serve God’s church as a full-time musician, so I began in the Episcopal/ELCA Leadership Program for Musicians, and in 2013 I moved from Richmond, Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee for Belmont University’s graduate program in Church Music. I am currently serving as the Director of Music and Worship at Middletown United Methodist Church in Louisville, KY.

Immediately prior to graduate school, I was the Music Director/organist/choir director for a Methodist church in Richmond, Virginia. I spent my 2 years in Nashville serving a large United Methodist church in downtown Nashville, engaging musicians of all ages in a traditional hymn-based worship service, and led the band for the Belmont Wesley Fellowship, the United Methodist campus ministry at Belmont University, which has an informal contemporary worship every week. In my “spare time”, (hah!) I started a handbell ensemble on campus, because handbells are awesome.

I love to read things that make me think, and a lot of what I post on here is an extension of those thoughts, and my personal faith journey through different theological entanglements. I also really love the history behind the hymns of the church. For my church every week, I write up a little background on one of the hymns, and I’ll share those here on occasion, too.

I hope you find some of this helps you discover some of the aspects of your church’s music in a new light, whether it’s learning the history behind a beloved hymn, or discovering the reason behind one of your church’s traditions!


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